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What Does Dating Life After Divorce Look Like?

The hard work is done, and your agreement is signed. You are officially divorced. You think you are finally ready to date.

However, navigating the dating world after a divorce can be daunting.

What does dating even look like anymore? You can successfully find love after divorce if you take your time and are patient with the grieving and healing process.

How Soon is Too Soon To Start Dating After a Divorce?

How do you know when you are ready to move on? Are you wondering how you avoid making the same mistake twice? You would think that after the first marriage you will be better equipped to pick a new partner, right?

How to Get Back Into the Dating Game After Divorce?

You would figure anyone who is the opposite of your ex would be the right choice. If your first marriage didn’t work, it was probably because your spouse wasn’t a good fit for you. If you select someone entirely different for a second marriage, it should be everlasting, which makes sense, right? The truth is, instead of being a better judge of relationships post-divorce, we tend to be a worse judge.

What is the Brutal Truth About Life After a Divorce?

The data behind future marriages after a divorce confirms that second and even third marriages can be equally unsuccessful. According to the US Census Bureau survey, the marriage breakup rate for first marriages is 41 to 50%.

It climbs to an even higher staggering 60 to 67% of second marriages. For third marriages, it’s a jaw-dropping 70 to 74%. What is happening here? The statistics show that we are not getting wiser, but quite the opposite.

Do you Approach Dating Differently After Your Divorce?

You are worthy of a kind, loving, respectful relationship. Yet a lot of people make a mistake like this at some point. Many of us end up in another failed marriage. I share this with you, not to scare or discourage you about dating post-divorce. Instead, I’m sharing to tell you that the business of moving on should be done with intention and thought.

What if I told you that finding a healthy relationship post-divorce is entirely possible. Although it’s only achievable if you become clear about your role in the dating process? Many great marriages can be created and maintained after a divorce. The success of your next relationship has very little to do with the other person and everything to do with you. In other words, you are in the driver seat, so make sure you don’t get distracted while your hands are on the wheel.

Dating After Divorce Red Flags

Don’t ignore red flags. No matter how attractive the person’s potential is, you are dating the reality. You must be clear about your needs in a relationship.  You know the nagging feeling that creeps up when something doesn’t feel right. Please pay attention to it. Over time it will amplify.

How Soon Should You Start Dating After Divorce?

Your friends might have their own opinion about when you should start dating after your divorce. They might tell you it’s time to get back out there into the dating scene. They might even push you to set up an online dating profile. Or they may try to set you up with someone they know.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t start dating until you have healed from your divorce relationship. Do not start dating until you have fully grieved the prior long term relationship. The exact grieving time frame might look different for everyone.

Why Dating During Divorce is Unwise

Take the time to become a complete version of yourself before jumping back into the dating pool. Don’t expect someone else to do that work for you. You can bring the best version of yourself to a relationship when you can show up authentically. This way, you can quickly identify when something isn’t working out.

Dating When Going Through A Divorce

Do not start dating while your divorce is pending. I can’t guarantee what the outcome will be in court. Generally speaking, you can reliably bet that the relationship you start before your divorce is finalized will not last. When it comes to a new relationship, you are just not ready yet.

Is Dating After Divorce Hard? 

Remember, when you start dating to have fun and be safe. I have personally made all the mistakes I’m writing about. I want to share them with you to help you along your journey. I had to figure some things out along the way, and you will too. You can be happy again.

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