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E144: She Who Wins is Now Out!

By September 5, 2023No Comments

There is a fierce woman inside you fighting to get out. She’s daring. She’s heroic. She’s opinionated. She takes up space. She’s uncompromising in her dreams. She is YOU! It’s time to get reacquainted with She Who Wins.”

In today’s episode, I share the story behind my newly published book, She Who Wins which is officially out in the world! After years of writing and rewriting – including over 100 rejections from literary agents – I’m thrilled to share my personal stories and lessons learned. I also read the introduction so you can get a taste. Sharing my most vulnerable moments in She Who Wins was challenging but so rewarding. I hope my story helps even one person feel less alone. Listen to learn how I went from an idea to a traditional book deal.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • My passion for writing since I was a kid and how I lost it along the way as an adult
  • Getting 113 rejections for my mystery novel
  • My desire to write a personal development book
  • The power of a platform for nonfiction books to sell
  • From getting the book deal to writing the book itself
  • The story behind the book
  • A sneak peek into my book

Episode Highlights:

[04:48] A Journey of Writing and Building a Platform

During my second divorce, I found solace in writing a mystery novel set in 1900 New Haven. Determined to take the traditional route, I set out to find a literary agent and faced 113 rejections. Each rejection felt like a personal blow, until one day I received an email offering representation for a different mystery novel I had written. This experience opened the door to a new world of possibilities. Inspired, I decided to write a personal development book that would stand out from the rest. I wanted it to be a blend of storytelling and self-help, relatable to readers. However, my agent pointed out that I needed a platform for nonfiction books to sell. This led me on a journey of creating podcasts, building a social media presence, and exploring other avenues to establish my platform.

[08:41] The Journey of Finding Its Home

The book I aspired to write is not limited to those who have reached the end of a relationship. It is for any woman who finds herself questioning her life, seeking more fulfillment, dissatisfied with her job, afraid to take risks, or hesitant to start a business. Everyone faces struggles in their lives.  Who doesn’t? Despite facing numerous rejections from publishers who claimed the market was oversaturated or failed to see its unique place, we persevered. I held onto the belief that the book would find its rightful home. In a secluded corner of a resort, I received a call informing me that we had successfully sold the book. However, the journey was far from over. Now, the real challenge lies ahead – actually writing the book we had sold the idea of.

[13:29] The Story Behind a Book

It’s disheartening when books are used solely for self-promotion without any emotional connection to the content. Picture attending an event and encountering a talented speaker on a tour for their upcoming book. However, you sense their lack of personal attachment, suspecting it may have been ghostwritten. Your suspicions are confirmed when you read a few chapters and realize the author’s voice is absent. As a writer, this is offensive. Writers pour their passion into their work and every book reveals fragments of their souls. Writing requires immense effort and vulnerability. That’s why I’m so proud to put this book into the world because of how every word has been meticulously woven with an ounce of vulnerability.

Resources Mentioned:

If you’ve been dreaming of writing a nonfiction book but don’t know where to begin, check out and learn how you can complete a book manuscript in only 90 days.

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