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E139: High Achieving Your Way through Life Without Anxiety and Overwhelm with Dr. Jennifer Blossom

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Are you a high achiever who struggles with overwhelm, anxiety and burnout? In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Blossom, a peak performance trainer and neuroscientist,  provides practical tools to reprogram your thoughts for success. She shares how high achievers like us often suffer in silence due to imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and perfectionism. But there is hope! She reveals a simple yet powerful framework called BOLD to intentionally reshape your thinking and step into your power.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • What makes you a high achiever
  • Anxiety as a silent struggle
  • The power of self-awareness
  • How long it takes to make a change
  • Ways to get out of your head
  • The BOLD framework for your daily practice
  • Indulging in an emotion versus needing to process this

Episode Highlights:

[08:58] Anxiety as a Silent Struggle

Anxiety is often a silent struggle that many people experience but rarely talk about. It’s not “normalized” because on the surface, we may seem to have it all – the material possessions, the relationships, the experiences. Yet, internally, we still feel the weight of anxiety and its impact on our well-being. It’s important to acknowledge that as humans, we are susceptible to these feelings, regardless of external circumstances. This is why cultivating inner tools and practices becomes crucial, as they help us break free from the constant cycle of anxiety. We also face the added pressure of feeling guilty or inadequate because we believe we shouldn’t be experiencing anxiety when we seemingly have everything. Understanding that anxiety is a valid struggle, regardless of external success, allows us to prioritize our mental health and seek the support and tools necessary for healing and growth.

[16:45] Ways to Get Out of Your Head

Getting out of your head and shifting your mindset can be a transformative process. One way to start is by doing a brain dump, where you write down all your thoughts and feelings without any filters or judgments. This allows you to gain clarity about where you are and what’s going on inside your mind. Remember that this exercise is just for you, and if you feel uncomfortable with what you’ve written, you can always discard it later.

Next, give yourself permission to dream and imagine a life without the mental baggage and emotional drama. Ask yourself what the best version of you would look like. Consider how this version would think, talk to themselves, carry themselves, and pursue their passions. Visualize how this version of you would live fully and nurture their relationships. Taking the time to answer these questions and truly feel their impact helps create a vision of the direction you want to move towards.

[24:03] The BOLD Framework for Your Daily Practice

B – Brain Dump. This means writing down all the thoughts swirling in your head to gain awareness of them.

O – Observe. Observe the feelings associated with those thoughts with curiosity, not judgment.

L – Lean In and Lead. Feel the thoughts and emotions, process them and move through them. This may require self-awareness, help from others, or personal development work.

D – Decide. Decide what you want to believe instead and create a daily “power sentence” to retrain your brain and step into that new thought.

Resources Mentioned:

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