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E147: How to Uncover Your Sexuality and Spiritual Connection with Deborah Kagan

By September 27, 2023No Comments

If you’re looking to strengthen your sense of empowerment and presence as a woman, I highly recommend listening to this episode. Deborah Kagan, author of the upcoming book “Undressed: An Invitation to Claim Your Erotic Nature,” challenges limiting beliefs around sexuality and spirituality, offering a path to well-rounded personal and professional development. Listen in and learn how to claim your inherent sensual nature without shame.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The definition of being fully expressed
  • The importance of sexual energy
  • The power of women’s circles

Episode Highlights:

[04:16] What Being Fully Expressed Means

Fully expressed means embracing your authentic self without any holds barred or limitations. Some key aspects of what it means to be fully expressed include wearing what you want without worrying if it’s “appropriate” or might upset others, saying what you want, and expressing yourself freely. It’s about being your truest self without shrinking yourself or hiding parts of who you are. Essentially fully expressed is a state of being where you fully and unapologetically embrace your true self without any internal or external restrictions on how you express your identity and personality.

[10:31] The Importance of Sexual Energy: Exploring the Connection to Lifeforce and Pleasure

  • Sexual energy plays a vital role in our lives, not just in terms of physical intercourse, but also in connecting with our own life force and pleasure. It’s important to clarify that sex is more than just the act itself; it encompasses the profound connection to our sexual energy. This energy, often referred to as Mojo, prana, chi, or lifeforce, holds immense power and potential. Your connection to your sexual energy is what truly matters. It can be activated and cultivated independently, without the need for sexual acts. So, while sex holds importance, it pales in comparison to the significance of nurturing and harnessing your own sexual energy.
  • [26:24] The Power of Women’s Circles: Growth, Connection, and Self-Acceptance
  • In my experience of participating in and leading women’s circles, I have discovered a profound truth. When women gather and share their stories, something magical happens. Through hearing the experiences of other women, we are able to grow, shed shame, and cultivate self-acceptance. Women learn from each other through osmosis, absorbing wisdom and strength. Whether it’s in retreats, programs, or simple gatherings, the power of women’s circles lies in the transformative effect they have on us. By coming together, we create a safe space where growth and connection can flourish, empowering each other along the way.

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