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E143: Why I Landed a Book Deal with Lydia Stevens, Acquisitions Editor of Urano Publishing

By August 30, 2023No Comments

Join us in this episode as we delve into the intriguing world of publishing. Whether you’re a curious listener or someone unfamiliar with the intricacies of the publishing process, this conversation is for you. Our special guest, Lydia Stevens from Urano Publishing, sheds light on the journey from manuscript to bookshelf. And of course, we’ll also be discussing the exciting new release of my book, She Who Wins.Tune in to gain insights and get a glimpse behind the scenes of this captivating industry.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The process of publishing a book
  • My process of writing the book
  • The power of the voice
  • The complexities and collaborations of navigating cover design
  • Why you should pick the book, She Who Wins

Episode Highlights:

[02:04] The Process of Publishing a Book

The process of publishing a book begins with literary agents or authors submitting their book proposal or full manuscript. As a publisher, I review the proposal, pitch, and materials to determine if it aligns with our publishing line. After making an offer and finalizing the terms through negotiations and signing a contract, the editing process begins. For completed manuscripts, developmental editing starts immediately, addressing big-picture elements like chapter structure, repetition, and content flow. Following developmental edits, the manuscript undergoes line editing, focusing on grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. These detailed copy edits refine the manuscript to ensure its quality and polish.

[06:30] The Power of The Voice

Lydia discusses how important the author’s “voice” was in deciding to acquire my book based just on the proposal. Lydia said my voice came through powerfully in the proposal, just as it does in the finished book. Having a compelling and authentic author voice is key to engaging readers and standing out from other self-help books. Lydia was able to get a sense of my powerful and motivating message just from my writing style in the proposal. This shows that developing a unique voice as a writer is important to connect with readers and publishers from the very beginning of the publishing process.

[11:51] The Complexities and Collaborations of Navigating Cover Design

Navigating cover design can be a challenging task for publishers, as authors often have a personal vision in mind. Unlike self-publishing, where authors have full control over their cover, traditional publishing gives the publisher the final say. This can create complexities when collaborating with cover designers, authors, and agents, as marketability needs to be considered. However, it is important to trust the expertise of graphic designers, who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to create covers that sell well in the market. Ultimately, the process involves amalgamating everyone’s ideas to produce a cover that is both aesthetically pleasing and commercially viable.

[24:25] Why You Should Read She Who Wins

She Who Wins is a must-read book for women who often prioritize others over themselves. It addresses the struggles many women face and reminds them of the importance of self-care and putting themselves first. The book delivers a powerful message that happiness and well-being are essential for being able to support and help others. It emphasizes that winning in life is possible for every woman, encouraging them to take charge of their physical, mental, and emotional health. If you’re looking for a book that empowers and motivates, She Who Wins is the perfect choice.

Resources Mentioned:

She Who Wins

Freedom with Food and Fitness by Alana van der Sluys

Undressed: An Invitation to Claim Your Erotic Nature by Deborah Kagan

This Working Life: How to Navigate Your Career in Uncertain Times by Lisa Leong

Urano Publishing

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