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E142: Exposing Your Soul through Creative Endeavors with Elicia Strazzeri

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Today, Elicia Strazzeri joins this great conversation about being creative, exposing our soul, being truth-tellers through our work, and all of the scariness that goes along with that. Elicia’s book, titled, All That You Are, is a deeply personal and honest exploration of healing from infidelity. In the process of sending it to publishers, Elicia had to confront her own actions and delve into the depths of her emotions and motivations.

The book aims to provide guidance, inspiration, and resources for those who have experienced similar situations or struggle with self-worth and shame. Elicia’s intention is to challenge the notion that infidelity defines a person and instead offer a path toward healing and making different choices. It fills a gap in available resources for individuals seeking understanding and growth after cheating.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The process of writing her book and the vulnerability that comes with it
  • Following the call: Embracing honesty and authenticity
  • The power of sharing your story from an unhealed place
  • Embracing the joy of creativity
  • Elicia’s book-writing process
  • The power of sharing your story


Episode Highlights:

[08:10] Following the Call: Embracing Honesty and Authenticity

Elicia believes that when you feel a calling to do something, it is important to follow it wholeheartedly. She trusts that there is ultimately good that comes from following that call. In writing her book, Elicia remains committed to honesty and authenticity, ensuring that everything she puts into it is true. She reflects on the fear she sometimes feels about telling the truth and wonders why it feels so daunting when it is simply sharing what is real. There’s power in sharing the story from the unhealed place.

[10:18] Embracing the Unhealed: Empowering Individual Journeys of Healing

There’s power in sharing the story from the unhealed place. It empowers other people to be okay with where they are in the process, instead of thinking that they have to do something because it’s what everyone else is doing, and they have to do it in a certain order in a certain timeframe. Everybody’s journey to unpacking really serious traumas is on their own timeline. It doesn’t need to be anybody else’s.

[15:00] Embracing the Joy of Creativity: Debunking the Side Hustle Myth

Creativity is an innate part of being human. It exists within each and every one of us, waiting to be discovered and expressed. Unfortunately, many of us have been led astray by a prevailing misconception that if our creativity doesn’t lead to financial gain or a successful side hustle, then it holds no value. This harmful belief has discouraged countless individuals from pursuing their creative passions simply for the sake of enjoyment. The purpose of creativity goes far beyond monetary gains or societal expectations. It is a gateway to self-expression, personal growth, and the exploration of our unique perspectives. The pressure to monetize our creative endeavors can drain the joy and spontaneity out of them, turning something once pleasurable into a chore. It is crucial to remember that creativity is not solely about external validation or profit; it is about cultivating a sense of fulfillment and finding solace in the act of creation itself.

Resources Mentioned:

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