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E145: Hyping Up Your Life with Jess Burgio

By September 13, 2023No Comments

It’s time to level up and create the life you’ve always dreamed of! In this episode, I’m sitting down with hairstylist turned rockstar podcaster/entrepreneur, Jessica Burgio. Jess shares her inspiring story of walking away from her successful career as a hairdresser to pursue her passion for podcasting and entrepreneurship. She reveals the secrets to unlocking your full potential as an entrepreneur. From finding joy and clarity to gaining confidence, Jess offers invaluable insights for new and aspiring business owners. Be ready to take on the world!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Her journey to becoming a coach
  • The shift from scripted to unscripted
  • Pivoting your podcast into something broader
  • Dealing with hard-knocks
  • The importance of having a network

Episode Highlights:

[09:55] The Freedom to Explore Beyond Boundaries

Jess, a seasoned hairstylist coach, embarked on a transformative journey in her career. Inspired by diverse mastermind groups and coaching entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, she expanded her coaching beyond hairstyling in January 2023. Incorporating her expertise and embracing an unscripted communication style, Jess finds joy in engaging in conversations that foster meaningful connections. Drawing from a wealth of perspectives gained from listening to others, she is an endless source of content ideas. Regardless of background or qualifications, Jess believes in the power of pivoting and transforming skills into something new. She encourages individuals to break free from limitations and explore different avenues, nurturing curiosity and embarking on unique journeys of growth and fulfillment.

[15:00] Shifting Perspectives and Embracing Life’s Setbacks

In life, we always have a choice in how we react or respond to situations. Whether you’re an athlete or a parent, you understand that winning isn’t guaranteed and setbacks are part of the journey. These setbacks can be seen as failures but often they are just redirections. Taking life personally is not productive. Things are not just happening to you, it’s happening to everyone. It’s all about deciding how we choose to feel about it. Delve into personal development. Surround yourself with people who are also actively working on personal growth. Read books, listen to podcasts, attend workshops, and engage in mastermind groups – all in the effort of letting go of things that no longer serve you. The beliefs and conditioning ingrained in us during childhood become our responsibility to change as adults, whether it’s related to money mindset or self-worth.

[27:32] Embracing Change: Trusting Your Intuition and Exploring New Paths

When contemplating change, surround yourself with supportive people who won’t dismiss your ideas. Sharing your decision with accomplished people in your industry or even your own mother may elicit disbelief or labels like boredom. But deep down, you know it’s not about being bored; it’s about a profound sense of knowingness and intuition. Others may want you to stay where you are, but only you truly understand your thoughts. Take the time to explore what this future holds without feeling the need to abandon everything at once.

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