11. Your Higher Self is Your Guide with Rachel Ross-Smith

What if there was a version of you that could easily access a deep sense of peace and personal trust within yourself? You’d want to know her, right?! That my, friends, is your Higher Self. ⁣
We are talking about spirituality today. …and don’t tune me out just because we are getting a little woo woo. I invited transformation coach and Founder of the Consciousness Collective, Rachel Ross-Smith to be this week’s guest to discuss: ⁣
● What spirituality even means.⁣
● How to trust your “gut”.⁣
● The Law of Attraction and what you can do right now to make it work for you.⁣
● How tapping into your higher self can help you overcome adversity.⁣
● And how the “rule of increase” might even help your co-parenting relationship.⁣
You’re going to love Rachel’s journey and wisdom. She’s been through the fire and has come out stronger for it! Her exclusive Academy starts up September 1st and is currently enrolling. ….Plus, she is in London so no matter what she says, it’s going to sound brilliant because her accent is awesome….so listen up!

Guest Contact Info

Instagram: @racheljrosssmith


Email – rachel.rosssmith@gmail.com



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