8. Rediscovering Joy in Your Life with Stephanie LaBonte

Stephanie LaBonte believes in rising by lifting others. Over a decade of experience teaching in an inner city school has given her a strong passion for helping girls of all ages find purpose in their lives, and find real, authentic friendships.

A natural empath and motivator, Stephanie guides them through anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk struggles. She believes the community can bring strength, inspiration, and support to young girls. Her innovative girl empowerment rallies have been very successful, largely because of the relationships that are formed with peers and the community.

Stephanie also has a blog http://www.grownupgirlchat.com and runs a community for overwhelmed, stressed and anxious women who have had ENOUGH and want more joy, freedom and abundance in their lives. Stephanie hopes that by creating these safe spaces, girls and women will feel supported to be vulnerable, courageous and worthy.

In this episode, we discuss:
– Why you don’t have the friendships you want
– What you can do to stop people pleasing and start believing in yourself
– How to overcome fears, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion

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