7. Owning Your Sex Story with Dr. Lea Lis

Dr. Lea Lis aka The Shameless Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who is a double board-certified Adult and Child Psychiatrist and a clinical professor at NYU. She has a bustling practice in the Hamptons and works with all different kinds of family arrangements. She has appeared as an expert on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and has a popular column in Psychology Today.

She has a Book coming out in Sept., called “No Shame: Real Talk with your kids about sex, self-confidence and healthy relationships”.

She discusses co-parenting and what happens if the rules are not aligned from one house to another.

She talks about dating after divorce, how to introduce your children to a new person in your life, and how to set sexual boundaries.

…and lastly how important is to know your sexual story. Listen in to understand what that means.

This conversation gets juicy!

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