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Co-parenting can be chaotic…⁣

But what happens when you try to co-parent with your ex’s new spouse, who also happens to be your neighbor?!

⁣⁣Loren & April Kirk are co-hosts of the Parenting Past Chaos Podcast and they have a popular blog called Wife’s Tales.⁣⁣ The story of how they got to where they are today is not an easy one. ⁣⁣

Loren was a child of divorce and April was raised by a single mom.⁣⁣

April married young and had 2 daughters.⁣⁣

Loren at 21 entered into a relationship with someone who was already attached. She ended up marrying him but it didn’t last.⁣⁣

April was in a toxic 1st marriage and then one week after she got divorced, she got remarried to a man that wasn’t quite the right fit either. She divorced again.⁣⁣

Loren and her husband, now with 3 kids, knew their relationship was coming to an end so they divorce ⁣was started.⁣⁣…and then something that rocked their world happened. ……Loren’s husband and April started a relationship.⁣⁣

Oh….and one more thing, they are all neighbors.⁣ They endured endless conflict and days in court.

It was hopeless….or was it?⁣⁣

Because today, they sit here as neighbors, co-hosts, and best friends. Today we talk about how once you⁣ put aside anger and blame, something beautiful can happen.⁣⁣This is one story you won’t want to miss!

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