15. Dump the Debt with Melissa Mittelstaedt

What if you could dump your debt the way you dumped your ex?

Would it feel like a load lifted off your shoulders!? You can be debt-free and live a stress-free life!

On today’s Happy Even After podcast, guest Melissa Mittelstaedt, joins us to talk about dumping your debt.

Melissa is an expert at debt elimination, budgeting, and is the creator of the

Financially Independent Program. After paying off $45,000 in debt, she now enjoys living debt-free. As a certified sign language interpreter, she knows the struggle of trying to make ends meet with a variable income. She speaks honestly and openly about feeling hopeless at times because of crushing debt.

With a degree in Business Administration, she is on a mission to help everyone find financial freedom!

Listen now for the inside scoop on how you can become debt-free!

Guest Contact Info

Instagram: @_melissamitt




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