14. Let the Quiet Guide Us with Denise Zavitson

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of peace, quiet, and inner knowing. ⁣
Denise Zavitson is a speaker and author and champion of change and empowerment coach. She’s experienced some loss and tragedy and while that could have been the end, it was just the beginning for Denise.⁣
She spent 6 months at a Buddhist Community in CA and a year in an isolated cabin in TN. She has dedicated her life to helping others create a life filled with joy and purpose. Her online course is called Awaken to Joy and she shares how you can let the quiet guide you. ⁣
In this Happy Even After episode, we talk about:⁣
● How wisdom is not something that is gathered over time, but rather a choice we make.⁣
● How a divorce can still mean you had a successful family⁣
● How the quiet can be what we really need to figure out how we belong.
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Instagram: @denisezavitson




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