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She Who Moves Forward Fiercely is, She Who Wins

By October 26, 2022November 4th, 2022No Comments

Welcome back to the She Who Wins podcast!

While I’ve been a divorce attorney for a long time, I’ve been a champion of women finding their voice and doing bold, scary things for even longer. This is what the relaunch of this podcast is all about.

After spending a year on The Happy Even After Podcast, specifically talking about divorce, I realized that divorce was actually just a snapshot of what was really happening in the lives of these women.

Divorce is just an offshoot of things that are out of alignment with your life, and usually, there are other issues at play. Whether it’s about self-worth, relationship, communication, or career problems, these are the kind of things that are just trickling down into every aspect of your life, with divorce being a tiny piece of the puzzle.

At some point, divorce will remain a part of your past – and you will have to move forward fiercely and do something incredibly fulfilling.

Join me today as we celebrate the relaunch of this podcast. Here on She Who Wins, we talk about your life – the choices you made, how to uplevel your life, how to show up in your next chapter, how to love deeply and boldly, how to go all in, and how to make crazy, wild decisions.

This podcast is all about you. It’s time to celebrate YOU!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • My goal for this podcast
  • Getting the book deal from a traditional publication
  • From losing my voice before the divorce to using my voice through the podcast
  • Why I decided to rebrand and relaunch the podcast
  • What to expect from future episodes

Episode Highlights:

[02:28] My Goal for This Podcast

I lost my voice at some point until I finally got the divorce. For a really long time, I stayed all buttoned up. Through The Happy Even After Podcast, I started speaking. I began using my voice in a way that I had never used before.

I got comfortable with being vulnerable. I have come to terms with my feelings of shame and guilt through sharing my stories. And a lot of women resonated with me. I realized then that I had to continue to speak from my heart.

My energy and passion are now guiding me toward helping women realize what they are capable of and that they’re capable of doing so much more. They can dream bigger and bolder, but many of them lack the confidence and the strategies to achieve those.

[05:23] Topics on She Who Wins

On She Who Wins, we will talk about things beyond divorce. We’re still going to talk about relationships, and we’re still going to have some episodes about divorce. But we’re going to talk about other things. Things like going forward in your career, entrepreneurship, and things that are keeping you up at night.

We will talk about all the things you’re thinking about that you probably haven’t spoken about before. We’re going to get vulnerable and we’re going to get raw.

We’re going to talk about what it means to go from a good girl to a freakin’ female. Because it’s been way too long that we’ve been stuck in the old patterns and conditioning that have kept you, me, and most women, small.

She who moves forward fiercely is –  She Who Wins!

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