E98: The Keys to Light with Lia Valencia Key


Are you still busy with all the distractions in life that you’ve been putting off finding your light for some time now? Let today’s episode be your sign – that it’s time to silence the noise and listen to your inner whisper to unlock the key to your light!

Joining us today is Lia Valencia Key, entrepreneur, artist, and speaker. Lia lived in a homeless shelter with her mother, sister, and brother. Despite her upbringing, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in education and became a global hair and makeup artist while also receiving a U.S. patent. She continued to listen to the light within her and created the Valencia Key, a jewelry company that she launched on QVC.

With the power of believing, Lia went from homelessness to inspiring through jewelry in over 100 million homes. Her intention is not to create jewelry or beautiful things, but to be a blessing in other people’s lives – to be a wearable light so they have something to grab onto when they need it the most.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Lia’s story of growing up in poverty
  • The power of permission and the power to ask
  • Trusting your inner whisper
  • The second light of following her artistic journey
  • Why exposure is the great equalizer
  • Starting with the intention of your heart
  • Luck vs. determination and perseverance
  • Giving back to her community through fashion with compassion

Episode Highlights:

[05:01] Life Lessons Lia Learned From Her Mom

Your predicament does not determine your destiny.

Do you want to be a follower or a leader? Either you follow the environment that you see and you become that environment, or you can choose to lead your life and listen to the inner light. Listen to the inner whisper inside of you, and find your destiny.

There’s power in permission. Sometimes, we don’t realize the power of the words that we give people. You may take them very lightly, but words have permission, and when you can speak that permission out into someone’s life, it unlocks a light that was always within them.

Ask when you are stuck in a situation and you know there’s something different. Tell people where you are and where you want to be. People are Earth Angels because they will guide you to the light that’s destined for you.

[10:43] Trusting Your Inner Whisper

Your inner whisper knows where you’re going. Just say yes to every divine whisper that comes to your heart, and say no to all the negative things that come to your mind.

[14:48] Following Her Artistic Journey

At some point in her creative journey, Lia realized that if you have love and intention in a tangible object and you pour all of that in there, it can be life-changing in the receiver’s hand. Lia has then set an intention to inspire her wearers that all things are possible through light, perseverance, and bravery. And this is what prompted her to bring out these wearable symbols to the world.

These are wearable moments where you are unlocking everything that’s inside of you that is divinely ordered, consistently. And when you can’t, you can look down at it, you can touch it.

Start with the intention of your heart. Root into the power of greatness and intention and this will guide your every purpose of what you do, no matter what you’re doing in your life. It’s your guiding being. When people feel that, they just feel the pure intentions and it just goes so far in the world. Nothing beats determination and perseverance through love and kindness.

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