E90: Peace and Parenting with Michelle Kenney


Peace & Parenting.

Do those words feel in conflict to you?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to co-parent peacefully?

Michelle Kenney holds a Master’s Degree in Education and has been trained as a Council in Schools Facilitator, and is an ADL Trainer fighting against the bias of all types on school campuses.

She worked for 12 years in public schools as a teacher and counselor. None of which prepared her to be a mom. After years of consequences, bribes, and star charts she found a better way to reshape the relationship she shares with her daughters, and she credits it with changing her life. She lives in Los Angeles with her two girls 12 and 15.

She is passionate about helping others find their way through the murky business of being a connected parent.

Today’s episode is for anyone who needs a little TLC with their parenting plan!