E89: I’ll Be Happy When…..with Jared Springer


You’ve probably heard, thought, or said…”I’ll be happy when, X happens.”

But happiness shouldn’t be contingent on whether or not you achieve or acquire certain milestones. Of course, those things can enhance our happiness but they don’t control it!

In fact, the if/ when trap can cause years of unhappiness.

Jared Springer is an Entrepreneur, Father, and Businessman. He set out to bring himself from Broke, Crippled, and Bankrupt to creating multi-million dollar businesses.

Jared realized he kept pushing his happiness further and further out to a future point. And when he got to that point he would just move on to the next thing and the next thing and next. Never truly enjoying what he had built or accomplished. Jared took a step back from his life to figure out what truly made him happy.

He wrote a book called, I’ll Be Happy When: How to Lift the Happiness Curse from your life.