E83: Making it Through Midlife with Michelle Newman


Midlife…the dreaded M-word!

For many, midlife feels like an intense time of change and loss. It’s when society tells us, we no longer have a purpose or that our expiration date has arrived.

But as you and I know, that’s just not true! In fact, the tides are turning and midlife is starting to have a renaissance! More and more women (and men) are stepping into this time of life as the most empowering one and there are leaders like Michelle Newman showing us all the way.

Michelle Newman is an International Life Coach, Creator of @thenewmid, and Host of “The New Mid” podcast ranked #7 in “The Top Ten Valuable Podcasts for Midlife Women.”

Michelle has taken her years of experience as a Television Network Executive at CBS Daytime to help midlife women get results in their mindset, health, wealth, relationships, and clarity on what they want to do in their second half.

Michelle is revolutionizing what it means to be in “midlife.” She is making midlife women realize that now is their time to “Eat the Whole Cookie” and not the broken crumbled bits. Midlife is the time to focus on ourselves since we are still climbing and Becoming the Women we’re always Meant to Be.