E76: How to Rise Up in a Toxic Marriage with Emily Moynes


Breaking free from a toxic marriage takes courage and it takes even more strength and courage to rise up for yourself, after leaving the marriage. But the results? Complete transformation of soul and self.

Aside from being a mother of three, Emily Moynes is also an accomplished business owner, podcaster and published author.

Shortly after her second divorce, Emily embarked on a transformative journey that lead her to embrace her authentic self and re-build a ‘kick-ass life’ after leaving an abusive marriage.

She has since penned her first book, Rising Up, started a Staging/ interior decoration business, Elite Staging House and hosts a Podcast, GET REAL with Mama Moynes. She is a huge proponent of women supporting women and devotes her podcast and social media platform towards inspiring, encouraging, motivating and empowering women. She continues to be a voice for the voiceless and professes to like animals more than humans.

Catch today’s episode of Happy Even After to hear Emily’s wisdom.