E75: Modern Girl’s Guide to Divorce with Katrina Turnbull


Long gone are the days of sweeping divorce under the rug. This isn’t the 1950’s! Our world has changed and so have our attitudes about love, life, divorce, and everything in between. A modern era calls for a modern guide to divorce and Katrina Turnbull is the woman for the job.

After experiencing a long, emotionally and financially painful divorce in her early 30s, Katrina Turnbull started making funny videos on social media during the pandemic to help heal her divorce trauma and show the brighter side of life as a single mom.

Now with over 5 million views on Instagram and Tiktok, some of Katrina’s videos have been viewed over a million times and she has grown a dedicated following of divorcés and single parents looking to shake the stigma of failure surrounding divorce.

The host and producer of five television series in Canada, including Bell Media’s latest hit, Modern Girl’s Guide to Divorce, Katrina shows viewers how to navigate the divorce process with her panel of guest experts to reassure you that divorce isn’t the end of the world, it’s just the end of your marriage.

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