E71: Built Through Courage with Dave Hollis


Building your dream life takes courage.
Starting over takes courage.
Doing anything worthwhile in life takes courage and a deep, belief that you deserve it!

Today’s Happy Even After guest is truly special and I’m so excited to have had the chance to connect with him! He’s a superstar in his own right and knows a thing or two about what it takes to live through courage.

Dave Hollis is a dad to 4 kids, a NY Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, & Podcast host & life and business coach.

Dave’s history includes CEO of a media start-up, President of Sales for the film studio at The Walt Disney Company, & talent manager across film, tv, and music.

Dave’s purpose on this planet is to encourage people to step toward their calling while equipping them with the tools to lead an exceptional life.

He has a new book coming out soon called Built Through Courage: FACE YOUR FEARS TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT FOR….and today we are going to talk all about fear.

This episode will inspire and challenge your perceptions on what it really looks like to build a life you’ve always dreamed of. All it takes is a little courage! Check out today’s episode for the deep dive with Dave Hollis!