E64: The Divorced Entrepreneur with Candy Valentino


Ladies, if you can run your household, you can run a business! And divorce? Well, that’s just another lesson in entrepreneurship!

Candy Valentino is a business powerhouse. She started her very first business just out of high school. With only a high school diploma she has started, scaled, and successfully sold businesses in service, eCommerce, and product manufacturing in addition to creating a debt-free 8-figure real estate portfolio.

She also founded a non-profit at just 26 and has been actively involved for almost 15 years, saving thousands of lives and personally raising millions of dollars.

During her two decades as an entrepreneur she has been named to Top Business Leaders 40 Under 40, Top 50 Women In Business, and 10 People Making a Difference, to name a few.

With a list of clientele that ranges from small business owners to 8-figure CEOs, to non-profits and members of Congress, Candy has bootstrapped, hustled, and persisted her way to creating a life of meaning and purpose.

But today, we aren’t talking about how to grow a business. We are talking about what happens when you are a high achiever, like Candy, and you are faced with divorce.