E60: Finding Humor in Divorce with Michele Traina


“Dear diary,

Today I got divorced…” ????

The path to separation can be filled with heartache but it can also be infused with joy and humor to lighten the load!

Wait…what?! ????

Michele Traina is a performer, educator, and creator of multiple performance brands that carry a thread of healing through humor. She has toured around the country from Stand up to Shakespeare. When she was getting divorced, she decided to put her diary on the stage. And she created Divorce Diaries in 2013 and it has evolved into a one-woman comedy show that laughs at life’s beautiful mishaps.

Michele is fiercely energetic and uses her own challenges in life to motivate and inspire her practice as an educator and performer. Michele’s obsession with coffee, high kicks, and running literally everywhere. Her favorite role will always be mom to her beautiful daughter Grace.

Divorce Diaries is a one-woman show that follows creator Michele Traina as a divorced mom who teaches kids with special needs and dates men with special needs.

???? Check out today’s episode of The Happy Even After Pod to turn your divorce woes into laughter.

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