E45: Looking for Love with Soni Pelty

How will I ever find love again?

This question comes up all the time with people I’ve worked with. So I thought I’d bring in an expert, a LOVE expert.

Soni Pelty is a Dating and Relationship Coach and the host of The Limitless Love podcast, She helps powerful women reconnect with their divine feminine energy and cultivate more sensuality, playfulness, and abundance in their romantic life.

Soni’s mission is to help conscious, smart, successful professional women in attracting a committed, adoring partner who will meet them on every level.
She believes that we can be smart, creative, conscious, successful, brilliant, and HAVE love too.

Soni is also a successful entrepreneur, who at the age of 47, created a heart-centered business and created a beautiful love life of her own.

Her Journey to Love has been incredible and she has learned so much in the last several years and now helps women all over the world attract their soulmate love with the same tools and techniques that she used to create her own soulmate love.

In this episode we cover:

What is a relationship coach?
How does someone attract their soulmate?
Is there a soul mate for everyone?
How to attract your match?
How do you respond when a man doesn’t call you within 48 hours after a date?
What are women doing that are keeping them single?

All your Q’s on finding ???? answered in this episode.

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