E37: Unlocking Your Potential with Anna De La Rosa

You have a deep well of potential inside of you that is just waiting to be unlocked!
Motivational Speaker, Anna De La Rosa wants to help you find it! Business Owner of De La Rosa Insurance Services, Success Coach and Meditation Guru, Ana founded the meditation and mindfulness project as seen in Mantra Magazine. She is a champion and cheerleader for all women and she has several wildly popular Instagram accounts and a blog dedicated to lifting women up AND she has a book of inspirational women coming out in 2021.
But, her journey, like so many others was one that started with difficulty. In 2011, she had a major upset and it changed her world and her work.
Anna is a beautiful soul with a huge heart. And I’m so honored she is with me today.
In this episode, we talk about:
-Unlocking the tools you need to discover your Divine Purpose?
-How to identify our hidden blocks that sabotage our dreams?
-What living authentically means.
Don’t miss this moving episode!
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