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E134: How Finding a Tribe Can Catapult Your Life with Ashley Langer

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As human beings, we are social creatures, and the power of a strong support system is immense. Our guest for today, Ashley Langer talks about how to find a tribe that will catapult, not just your business, but also your entire life. Ashley is a natural-born connector and community builder who has been hosting networking events since 2014. In 2021, Ashley founded Business Socialistas, a go-to resource for powerful business connections, and encouraging women to expand their support system. From finding the right networking events to building relationships and dealing with the loss of friendships, this conversation covers it all. We’re all stronger together. We, as human beings, are a social species. So we can’t dismiss the power of community. And you don’t have to do it all alone!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Why community is so important and needed
  • How to find a networking event that fits your needs
  • The element of building relationships in networking
  • How friends can have different buckets of friends
  • How to deal with the loss of friendships

Episode Highlights:

[02:17] The Value of a Community

Community is an essential aspect of our lives that provides invaluable support, inspiration, and motivation. As humans, we are social beings, and the power of community is immense. In particular, for women in business, building a strong network of supporters is crucial. Just like raising a child, running a business takes a village. While you may have the idea and drive, you cannot do it all alone.

The energy and inspiration from those around us can help us push forward and accomplish our goals. Additionally, having people you can bounce ideas off of and offer a fresh perspective can be invaluable. There are also those who have expertise in areas that we may not, which can be essential to the success of our businesses. Therefore, having a community of people to support, encourage, and collaborate with is vital to our personal and professional growth.

[06:53] How to Find Networking Events You’re Aligned With

There’s a variety of ways to find events including Instagram and Eventbrite. Test them out if they’re going to match your vibe. If not, you can just start your own. That being said, networking doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can be as simple as chatting with the moms at the pickup, the girl who teaches your spin class, or just the people in your everyday life.

[11:45] The Power of Relationship-Building in Networking

When networking, it’s crucial to communicate your personal brand and what you’re up to while being true to your authentic self. Building relationships is at the core of networking, and it requires ongoing effort and follow-up. The connections you make may not result in immediate benefits, but with time, they can lead to valuable opportunities. Maintaining regular communication, whether through social media, in-person coffee dates, or email check-ins, is a vital component of establishing and strengthening relationships in the networking process.

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