E125: Finding the Missing PEACE in Your Life with Flory Hiatrides


Do you feel like nothing seems to be going right in your life right now? Well, everything in your life is interconnected, and so, you’ve got to make sure all these pieces are aligned in order for you to find the happiness, peace, and success you’re looking for.

In today’s episode, Flory Hiatrides will help us find the missing PEACE in your life and how you can find awareness in figuring that out. Flory is a mom, a mathematician, a mentor, an entrepreneur, and an educator. She is the founder of a group called A Wakened Events, where she teaches people how to maximize their success and happiness using ancient wisdom, modern science, and proven business strategies to change lives.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Breaking down PEACE
  • Awareness transmutes outcomes
  • How to protect your energy
  • Time management vs. energy management
  • Your emotions as your navigation system
  • Making deliberate choices to protect your energy
  • The importance of physical health and support

Episode Highlights:

[03:05] What is the PEACE Acronym?

  • Physical – body
  • Emotional – relationships
  • Aspirational – your goals
  • Cerebral – work or school
  • Ethereal – Spirit

Those are the pieces of your life puzzle that add up to the overall PEACE. If they do not fit together and they’re not in alignment, the big picture isn’t going to look pretty. Hence, taking an inventory of your life by looking at those five components can be very useful.

For instance, it’s almost impossible to talk about a physical injury without the other pieces. People do, however, and that’s the issue. They try to isolate and do physical therapy, but they’re not doing emotional therapy or ethereal therapy.

Awareness is the key to all this because awareness transmutes outcomes. When an experiment is observed, the outcome changes. And being aware of all five of these components is going to send good energy to you in a different way.

[13:11] Making Deliberate Choices

Today, you are fully capable and empowered by the universe to make choices. These are choices to keep you in your personality as long as you can, without having to go outside your zone. You want to make deliberate choices, which means freedom – because what you find in the word, “deliberate,” is the word “liberate.” If you make deliberate choices, you’re protecting your energy.

[17:08] Goal Setting and Achieving Goals

Your emotions are your navigation system. If you keep trying and pushing, it’s not going to feel right. Instead, be mindful – push and have goals – but you also have to pull and let the universe deliver.

[21:27] How to Stay in higher vibrations

Staying in a higher vibration of joy and happiness is all about how you feel about what you’re doing. For example, when you eat a slice of cheesecake, it might be not the best thing you can eat, but it could be the best thing you can eat to raise your spirit. These pieces of PEACE are so interconnected, but what is truly relevant in each one of them is how we feel about them.

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