E124: Ignite Your Soul, Your Life and Your Purpose with Amber Lilyestrom


Amber Lilyestrom created a life for herself – one that is removed from the corporate hustle culture that she came from. But if you think it all came easy– well, it didn’t. Today, she talks about her journey and her struggles to get to where she is.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Finding the point within yourself that taps into your vision for life
  • How to push through the fear of failure
  • Getting over imposter syndrome
  • How to find that grace of letting go
  • How to find your purpose and the real purpose of life
  • Syncing your business with the way you want to share your gift and love for people

Episode Highlights:

[09:19] How to Push Through the Fear of Failure

It’s not that you won’t fail because you have to fail. But it’s just a matter of how you frame it. Frame failures not as failures but as data points on what you need to improve. Don’t take your failures personally. Inner work is required to be able to move through things more quickly. And if you’re not moving quickly, that’s still okay because you’re learning on this journey.

[11:34] Getting Stuck in Fear and How to Get Out of It

Give it oxygen and stop keeping it trapped inside. Whether you say it out loud to a trusted friend or work with a mentor, you have to witness these aspects of yourself so you can normalize them. Then you can learn to move on, move through it, and move beyond that constricted phase.

[17:47] How to Find that Grace of Letting Go

Trust your intuition when it’s telling you to let go. Our head can give us all the reasons we should hold on to it. The mind wants us to be realistic and practical, or worry about who we’re going to tick off or what people are going to say. But you have to make that decision to let go so you can breathe again.

[22:05] How to Find Your Purpose

Slow down so you can shut off all the noise, the distractions, and all of the influence. Then you begin to tap into yourself and listen intimately and intently. When we can get into that environment, it’s incredible how fast the clarity emerges.

The purpose of life is to love… be in the joy of love. All of us can do that in any way. But when you can make your business in sync with the ways that you want to share your gift and love people, that would be amazing because, indeed, you can put those two things together.

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