E123: Networking to Create Authentic Connection and Relationships with Sarah Gemmell


If you think networking is just all about showing up and handing out your business cards, ypu might want to rethink that. Networking can actually be done in a way that feels authentic and where you feel aligned with who you are.

In this episode, Sarah Gemmell, networking guru, talks all about networking, and how you can take a fresher perspective on it. Sarah became an entrepreneur working in the fitness space. Over the course of running a global fitness company, Sarah used networking as her top lead generation and her way of growing her business.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Networking for introverts vs. extroverts
  • Focusing on one-to-one connections
  • Growing a business that doesn’t even feel like an ask
  • Taking an active approach to networking
  • Ways to start a conversation with a stranger
  • How to open those connections
  • The importance of a follow-up

Episode Highlights:

[04:21] Networking for Introverts vs. Extroverts

A lot of extroverted people can get away with not having a strategy going in but introverts require that strategy a little bit more and they need that strategy going in. That strategy piece is going to be about what types of groups you’re going to, how often you’re going to them, and your intentions of being at this event. For introverts just focus on the same group and nurture that one group, maybe go weekly or monthly. But don’t constantly add 100 new people to your life— otherwise it’s going to get overwhelming. Focus on those one-to-one connections and nurture those more intimate connections.

[07:36] Networking: From Passive to Active Approach

Networking is actually very passive. But when you go and make it a  strategic part of your marketing plan, you’re now taking a very active approach. You’re not just sitting around waiting for referrals, but you’re making those referrals happen and you do it in a way that aligns with your core values. It aligns with who you are because it doesn’t have to be spammy or salesy.

[13:41] Forming Genuine Connections

There’s a difference between feeling spammy and having that commission breath versus showing up in a genuine connection and a relationship of substance. The idea is the same where you’re building your business. But the intention is different. And when your intention is different, your energy is different. And that’s what makes people decide how they feel about you because you’re showing up with the energy of collaboration. You actually have a relationship where you support each other versus just promoting them to your audience.

Resources Mentioned:

Website: http://www.janselandco.com

Instagram: @sarahgemmell_

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