E122: Unleashing and Letting Go with Tara Romano


We are lucky that we’re walking every day. How beautiful it is that we have our legs and we can walk. But what can you do differently to just show some gratitude for that and have fun? Maybe you grew up as a dancer. Then as an adult, you just lost that rhythm.

Today’s guest, Tara Romano, is not only a movement facilitator and a kickass dancer, but also a personal development junkie. Listen in and discover how Tara is such an unshakable optimist, dedicated to helping you unleash and let go so that you can become the best version of yourself. Healing and connecting through movement has been her life’s biggest work and biggest passion.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How putting together music and movement brings healing
  • The art of self-love
  • How to tune out the noise of social media
  • The transformation of women’s energy
  • Finding your self-love routine
  • How to tap into your energy

Episode Highlights:

[02:42] Music + Movement

Before we could even speak, our bodies moved. Our bodies moved when we put music on, and we just wiggled. Music and movement, put together, is just so healing.

[05:32] On Self-Love

Self-love is stripping away all of the  noise that we hear and the recommendations that we see constantly on social media. They tell us how we should show up, what we should be doing, how we should be raising our children, what we should be doing in our careers–and just silencing all that noise and getting really connected to what it is that we intuitively really want to do for ourselves. It’s not an easy thing. But we have to really know what is good for our mental health and well-being, and consciously choose the activities we will be doing throughout the day.

[18:26] Letting Go

Opening up is a process and we gain trust by what we share and how we take it one step at a time. People who don’t let go are just not ready. We are energy beings. There’s so much energy in the world. And when we can shift that, we can really shift ourselves too, and express ourselves in the way that truly resonates with who we are.

[22:48] Finding Your Self-Love Routine

Know that you have pockets of your time to get centered. Whether it’s movement, breathwork, taking a walk, changing your clothes, clapping, visualizations, or yelling affirmations, there are just so many different ways to do it.

Resources Mentioned:


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