E121: Finding the Power in Your Voice with Dr. Cheryl Wood


After practicing law for 20 years, I noticed that there are so many women out there who are not speaking their truth. They’re staying silent. They’re suffering quietly. Listen to this episode, and hopefully, you will begin to find the power in your voice.

Dr. Cheryl Wood is the CEO of Global Speakers University, a training and development company that equips women with the tools to master the art of sharing their unique voice, story, and message. She’s an international two-time TEDx speaker, and a 20-time bestselling author,  delivering keynotes to clients such as NASA, Verizon, Capital One, the FBI, and United Nations.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The importance of knowing what you already have
  • How to separate your brand from all the other brands
  • Creating your new belief system
  • The importance of being present in the season you’re currently in
  • Don’t rush the journey
  • Being willing to allow your ‘no’
  • The power of surrender
  • The two parts of sharing

Episode Highlights:

[07:08] The Importance of Knowing What You Really Want

Wherever you are in your life, career, or your business, you’ve got to start with what you already have. Then believe that by moving consistently toward the exploration of something greater, that doors will be open for you. Opportunities will expose themselves. Relationships will unveil themselves and they will push you into the next season of who you’re destined to be versus waiting on everything to be perfectly in alignment. If you don’t allow your journey to bake, then you’re going to get a journey that’s going to be uncomfortable, ugly, and dented. And you’re not going to get the actual end result that you want.

[19:05] The Acceptance

Use your vocal variety and all the things you can use to be able to communicate your story verbally and the impact that it can have. It is equally as important that you put it in writing because that will long outlive your physical body. Your life can be always bigger than you by making sure you unleash and amplify your voice, that you share your story and your experiences, and that you’re always transparent in what you’ve been through. Don’t just tell the good parts and the juicy parts, but share the parts that allow you to get to the juicy parts. You have everything it takes to win big, to open new doors of opportunity, and to create a life that you’re absolutely in love with.

[33:00] Finding the Power of Your Voice

Your life is always bigger than just you. So make sure you unleash and amplify your voice. Share your story and your experiences. Be always transparent about what you’ve been through, not just telling the good parts and the juicy parts, but sharing the parts that allow you to get to the juicy parts.

Resources Mentioned:

Global Speakers University

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