E118: Life is Short, Choose Wisely with Carrie Vee


Are you still holding off on pursuing your passion project? Listen to this episode and take this as a nudge from the universe that it’s time to do it! Joining us today is Carrie Vee, a professional speaker, author, podcast host, and certified transformation, forgiveness, and grief coach. Carrie is a Toastmasters semifinalist in the 2020 World Championship of Speaking.

Carrie’s brother died after losing a three-year battle with colon cancer in 2020. Three months after his death, he left her a message in her dream: life is short, choose wisely.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Getting over the mindset of staying safe and staying small
  • We’re never too much
  • Turning words from something that destroys you into power
  • It’s always about the journey, not the destination
  • Morning routines to kickstart your day

Episode Highlights:

[08:33] You Are Never Too Much!

A lot of us grew up with messages that we have to make ourselves small because the world isn’t ready for us. We’re told we’re too much and that we shouldn’t take up too much space, or the world’s not ready for our energy. But we’re never too much.

Carrie shares her experience at the camp where she ended up getting lambasted for being too loud. That one comment from one person that day was enough to shut her voice for two decades. Finally, one day, she decided to turn those words into something positive – start a podcast, write a book, get on stage, and use her voice the way that God designed her to be. It was a conscious decision to begin to step into her power.

[21:24] It’s The Journey, Not the Destination

Carrie saw how her late brother would drag himself through the doors just so he could do something. And he taught her how to live while he was dying. One of the lessons she got is that it’s never about the destination, but it’s the journey.

[24:49] Morning Routines to Incorporate into Your Day

Express gratitude first thing in the morning. Then pray and say what is the one thing you can do today, the one thing that will move your business forward, the one thing you can do to make your family more loved, and the one thing you can do to experience joy? Whether it is faith or the universe, or whatever it is you believe in, ASK. Because it’s willing to deliver, but it’s not going to deliver if it doesn’t know what you want.

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