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E108: Overcoming Generational Trauma with Lauren Zoeller

By January 4, 2023No Comments

Join us today as we kick off 2023 by talking about all of the things that have been holding us back, so we can all heal and move forward. And our guest today is the perfect person to help us understand what trauma really is, how it shows up in our daily life, and what we can do to heal.

Lauren Zoeller is a seven-figure entrepreneur, speaker, author, and host of “The Aligned Love Podcast”. As the Founder of The Aligned Love Experience, Lauren is an expert practitioner in reparenting, generational healing, and somatic experiencing. Through her work, she created the proprietary Voice Activation Method that has been used to help thousands of men and women heal from past trauma and take ownership of their future.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The definition of trauma
  • The role of the nervous system in trauma
  • Hyper-independence and people-pleasing as trauma responses
  • Somatic experiencing versus traditional therapy
  • What Somatic Experiencing looks like in real life
  • How the Voice Activation Method works
  • Reparenting yourself to give yourself what you didn’t receive as a child

Episode Highlights:

[02:40] What is Trauma?

At some point down the line, you have experienced trauma, or someone in your family experienced something traumatic. And if they weren’t able to regulate the response. Unfortunately, it gets passed down to you.

Trauma is an overwhelming response to something that was too fast, too much, or too soon for your body to properly process what’s happening. If you don’t have the proper tools to remove yourself from it, the traumatic response gets stuck inside your body.

[14:12] Somatic Experiencing Therapy versus Traditional Therapy

Traditional therapy is when you go to your therapist and talk about your problems. It uses a cognitive approach where you’re talking about your problems and you’re reliving your traumas. It’s a talk-based therapy. It’s important for us to be able to talk through what has happened so that we can start to cognitively connect the dots. But what it’s missing is the other 80%, which is the rest of the body, from the neck down.

Somatic experiencing is looking at the other 80%. It’s how you feel and it’s getting the body online with the brain. If you can use cognitive therapy and somatic therapy together, you’re going to see lasting change because you’re getting the body and the nervous system online with each other.

Yoga is a great Somatic Experiencing regulation tool because it gets you to connect to your body and into your breath to regulate different survival responses. You’re using your breath, your body, and your awareness to allow yourself to regulate at that moment.

[18:20] The Voice Activation Method

The Voice Activation Method comes from a space of being able to speak your truth without the need for acceptance or rejection from someone else. If we’re not using our voice to speak how we actually feel, we’re not living a life that feels aligned. And that is translated into the kinds of relationships we have, whether in business, friendships, or even romantic relationships. The Voice Activation Method teaches us how to be with our bodies when we’re shutting down our truth as well as how to regulate that response so we can then start creating a new baseline, use our voice, and claim what we really want.

Resources Mentioned:

IG: @laurenzoeller

TikTok: @coachlaurenzoeller

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