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E107: Stretching Your Self to Be Your Best Self with Lesley Logan

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Do you feel that somehow you’re not aligned? Whether that’s in your work or your personal life, there are some points in life where we feel that disconnect. Today’s guest will show you how Pilates can be your vehicle to reconnect with yourself to become your best self. And once you connect with yourself, you’re then able to connect more with others.

Lesley Logan is a certified Pilates teacher, breathwork habits and mindset coach, and is the founder of, which is the first free online catalog of Pilates exercise tutorials. Lesley has been teaching Pilates since 2008. She has run multiple studios, trained hundreds of peach people to become teachers themselves, and taught thousands of students. She also hosts the podcast, Be It Till You See It. Listen in as we talk about workday boundaries, giving yourself permission to be off, and how to increase productivity.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How Pilates and other forms of movement can help you connect with yourself
  • Why your rock bottom is happening for you
  • The secret sauce to a relationship that lasts
  • Excuses vs. success: Why you can’t have both
  • When to give yourself permission to hustle
  • How to increase your productivity

Episode Highlights:

[07:38] How Movement Connects You to Yourself

Movement is connected to a person’s transformation because being able to find strength from moving your body carries over in other ways. Trauma leaves the body through breath and movement. And by having regular Pilates or movement practice, you just start to change and begin to connect with yourself. You’re strengthening that muscle that would then carry into work and your relationships. Whatever your workout method of choice is, it’s to help you practice the things you want to cultivate in your life.

[11:20] Your Rock Bottom is Happening FOR You

Your rock bottom is setting you up for something amazing. It’s hard when you’re in it. But take a moment to figure out what good can come from it. It’s actually a fun game. And oftentimes, you end up meeting some really cool people and you will be redirected to where you’re supposed to be.

[23:59] Excuses vs. Success: Why You Can’t Have Both

Do you often find yourself complaining about anything and everything? Whether you’re tired, it’s too hard, or you’re too busy – it’s not that you shouldn’t ever say them. But take those as little warnings. If they come up again and you have the same excuses, then you’re not going to make the change you want to have. Rather, you have to be more aware of what you’re saying you can’t do or why you can’t do it. Use them as a magnifier for what is happening in your life that you want to make changes on. The most successful people don’t complain or have excuses. Instead, they acknowledge whatever is happening and then figure out what they can do about it to pivot.

[26:54] Giving Yourself Permission to Hustle

It’s okay to have a hustle. It’s when your hustle becomes a hassle that you want to take notice. Sometimes you have to hustle because there’s momentum to things. It’s okay to hustle, it just can’t become a hassle. If you’re hustling in a way that is taking you away from other things in your life, such as when you’re no longer checking in with your relationships, then that’s a hassle.

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