E100: Finding Joy in the Midst of Chaos with Jen Zawadzki


There’s so much chaos in the world right now. It’s all over the news and social media. And if you’re not mindful of the kind of information you take in every day, it’s going to affect your mental health one way or the other. How are you then able to find joy in the midst of chaos?

In today’s episode, Jen Zawadzki, founder of the Future You Project and an inspirational keynote speaker, joins us to talk about how you can tap into your inner joy in the midst of what’s going on in your life today. She also shares her story of overcoming adversity and turning pain into purpose.

Jen is creating a powerful ripple of personal and professional empowerment across the globe. Her keynote speeches, workshops, unique gift experiences, and own personal story have transformed countless lives and businesses.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How a friend’s act of kindness inspired her to start the Future You Project
  • Making the decision to go all-in in her business
  • Developing your bravery muscle
  • The difference between happiness and joy
  • A powerful exercise to help you find your joy
  • How to find joy in the midst of chaos
  • Social media as the thief of joy

Episode Highlights:

[06:57] The Birth of the Future You Project

Several years ago,  Jen Zawadzki was receiving gifts and words of encouragement from her “future self” at a time she needed it the most. This simple act of kindness from her friend led her to create the Future You Project – inspiring people one gift at a time.

When you nourish yourself, and you tap into joy, you can do things you can’t even imagine. You can turn on your light and then you can let others turn on their own light and tap into joy.

[11:48] Developing Your Bravery Muscles

When you’re facing challenges in life, just know that there is so much greatness on the other side. You just have to remind yourself that every day. If you’re comfortable with where you are right now, then that means you’re probably not pushing yourself enough. This is a muscle you can develop which takes time. It also takes a level of understanding that failure is part of all this and that’s okay.

[13:29] The Difference Between Happiness and Joy

There are moments of happiness, but joy is an inward journey. Joy is finding comfort within your own skin. You’re so aware of who you are and the magnificence within you that nothing scares you. Nothing can get in your way that you’re in a constant state of joy versus grabbing at these moments of happiness.

You’re not relying on somebody else, either or some circumstance or some material to bring you that happiness. It can be exciting to get a new car or to have an extravagant house, and all of these things can bring you moments of happiness, but true joy is an inward journey.

[19:37] Finding Joy in the Midst of Chaos 

Monitor how much information you take in each day. Educate yourself about what’s going on in the world, but try not to dwell on it.

Social media is a two-edged sword. There are so many great connections that can be made but there’s too much toxicity that happens as well. One of the biggest dangers of social media is comparison, which is the thief of all joy. Follow people who are positive, authentic, and have a good message. Be mindful of how long you allow yourself to stay in the negative space.

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