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Let’s Start a Movement: #CoParentCoffeeChallenge

Is your coparenting relationship filled with tension and awkwardness when you pick your child up or maybe drop them off? Maybe You have left over feelings of a disagreement you had with your ex the other day. Maybe you are annoyed at your ex. Whatever it is, that exchange is not pleasant and you can feel the tension and the energy of a co-parenting relationship that is off kilter.

I have a challenge for you and before you roll your eyes hear me out. This week, when you are going to a pick up or drop off or maybe a soccer game….whatever it is that requires you and your ex to be face to face, on your way to that thing, I challenge you to text your ex and ask them if they want a coffee. Or maybe you just show up and have one for them.

I’m not saying you ask them out for a cup of coffee. You are just picking up a cup of coffee or tea (whatever they drink) and give it to them.

A simple, $2 cup of coffee can change the dynamic in that moment. Such a small gesture can cause a ripple effect. It can change the energy between the two of you. …and maybe your both speak to each other a bit softer. Maybe, the next time you see each other for another exchange or event for your child, the tension is a bit released. Maybe they will show up with a coffee for you next time.

You get this isn’t about the coffee though, right? Its actually not even about your ex. Its about resetting your co-parenting relationship by taking the smallest, little action. It doesn’t require you to concede an argument or say you are sorry. It’s just a cup of coffee and yet the impact can be so powerful.

So I’m starting the coparent coffee challenge in the hopes that some parents out there will give it a try. So please help me spread the word. Share this video, tag someone who you think needs to see it. This week, I challenge you to buy your ex a cup of coffee.

Please tell me how it goes. Drop a comment below or shoot me a message and let me know what happened. Lets start a movement.

Join the Co-Parent Coffee Challenge.

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