Join the #CoParentCoffeeChallenge

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Let’s Start a Movement: #CoParentCoffeeChallenge Is your coparenting relationship filled with tension and awkwardness when you pick your child up or maybe drop them off? Maybe You have left over feelings of a disagreement you had with your ex the other day. Maybe you are annoyed at your ex. Whatever it is, that exchange is […]

Forgive Your Spouse. Forgive Yourself.

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Forgive Your Spouse. Forgive Yourself. If you are struggling to recover emotionally from your divorce, it might be because you haven’t forgiven your spouse or maybe even yourself.  If you can’t seem to get past the anger and hurt and blame game, its probably because you are holding onto waiting and expecting something. Maybe you […]

Friends Don’t Ditch Friends

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Friends Don’t Ditch Friends What if you aren’t the one going through a divorce, but you have a friend who is? How do you support your friend through this difficult time? Often when something is uncomfortable, we don’t know how to respond and so maybe we avoid our friend. It’s so common for people going […]