33. The Epic Comeback with Nikki Bruno

We all love a good comeback story. Today’s guest studied hundreds of comebacks and has made it her mission to help everyone stage an EPIC comeback.
Nikki Bruno is a life coach and the founder and creator of The Epic Comeback, a coaching program. She is also the host of The Epic Comeback Podcast, a place where her guests share their stories of epic comebacks.
Her own comeback put her on a path to systematically develop a program and in this episode, she shares her favorite comeback story ever….and it has nothing to do with divorce and everything to do with a mosquito!
In this episode, we dive into:
What a life coach is and does
What an Epic Comeback looks like
How someone gets started, and
Why she is saying FU2020.
Guest Contact Info

IG: https://www.instagram.com/theepiccomeback/

Website: https://www.theepiccomeback.com/