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Divorce can bring up a lot of unexpected emotions and really just a lot of unexpected everything! Don’t just take my word for it…
Twyla is a mom of two adult children and the author of THE UNEXPECTED: THE RIDE OF MY LIFE which is a non-fiction book about her journey of the highs and lows of marriage, divorce and recovery. She is passionate about helping others recover.
She is also the podcast host of Talks with Twyla where you will be encouraged, inspired, informed, and empowered. It is available on all major podcast platforms where it currently has listeners in 9 different countries.
In this episode, we talk about:
  • Why sometimes leaving is better for the kids than staying in a toxic marriage
  • Why some people are just not made for each other
  • Why finding the right divorce attorney is so important
  • How forgiveness is the path to healing
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