27. A Father’s Story of Life, Love and Loss with Ted Yang

As an about-to-be- first time father, Ted Yang thought he had it all.
He was married to the love of his life.
He had an impressive educational background having finished his Masters of Engineering at MIT at age 21.
He had been an executive at the world’s most successful hedge funds and had been featured on every major media outlet such as Wall Street Journal and NPR. He was a serial entrepreneur and had founded 13 start-ups and non-profits. He had a lucrative career and triplets on the way.
But his life changed in an instant with a premature birth, a death, and years of struggle.
In his new book, TABLE FOR FIVE: A Father’s Story of Life, Love and Loss details what happens when life sends you tragedy, crisis and wisdom.
If you’ve ever have experienced loss, this episode of Happy Even After will inspire hope!
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