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Divorce is not the end of everything as you know it. FULL STOP!

In fact, divorce can often precede a joyous change in your life! Don’t just take it from me…

Korina Moss was divorced 4 years ago. At a time when life was already uncertain, she made another huge decision and that was to be a full-time writer. It was a huge risk that paid off because she signed with a major publisher for a multi-book deal.

Korina is the author of the forthcoming Cheese Shop cozy mystery series set in Sonoma Valley. The first book CHEDDAR OFF DEAD is slated for an early 2022 release by St. Martin’s Press.

In this fun episode of Happy Even After, we talk about:

  • How acceptance is the path to healing
  • How divorce can inspire you to go for your dreams
  • How your divorce teaches you that you are more capable than you think you are
  • The path to publishing

If you’ve ever felt that divorce would put your dreams on hold, this episode is for you!

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  • Penny Penny says:

    Loved to hear from someone who took their divorce and actually ended up with their dream job. Gives me hope that there will be life after my divorce is final. I never saw it coming, but I also didn’t get a choice! Now I have a choice to let him break me or pick myself back up & create a great life for myself & my 4 kids.

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